Best Puppets & Puppet Theaters to Gift in 2023

Puppets and puppet theaters have long been a source of entertainment and education for children and adults alike. They encourage creativity, imaginative play, storytelling, and social interaction. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or puppet enthusiast, finding the perfect puppet or puppet theater can provide hours of enjoyment and inspiration. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top 20 puppets and puppet theaters, ranging from hand puppets and marionettes to finger puppets and shadow puppet theaters.

Melissa & Doug Hand Puppets
Melissa & Doug offer a wide range of high-quality hand puppets, including popular animal designs such as elephants, tigers, and monkeys. These soft, plush puppets are perfect for storytelling and imaginative play for young children.

Folkmanis Puppets
Folkmanis is a renowned puppet maker, known for their realistic and highly detailed puppets. Their extensive range includes hand puppets, finger puppets, and marionettes, featuring various animals, mythical creatures, and even characters from popular children’s books.

HABA Glove Puppets
HABA’s glove puppets are designed for little hands, featuring soft and colorful characters perfect for engaging young children in imaginative play. Their collection includes a variety of charming animals, princesses, knights, and more.

Silly Puppets
Silly Puppets offers a wide range of colorful and engaging hand and arm puppets, designed for both children and adults. Their collection includes whimsical characters such as clowns, pirates, and various animals, making them perfect for storytelling, educational use, or puppet shows.

Aurora World Plush Puppets
Aurora World produces high-quality plush puppets, including hand puppets and finger puppets, featuring a variety of cute and cuddly animals. These puppets are perfect for young children and provide a fun and interactive way to engage with the natural world.

Ikea Titta Djur Finger Puppets
Ikea’s Titta Djur finger puppets are an affordable and fun option for young children, offering ten colorful animal characters in a single set. These soft and durable finger puppets are perfect for storytelling and imaginative play.

The Puppet Company Marionettes
The Puppet Company offers a diverse range of marionettes, including traditional European-style characters, colorful animals, and whimsical fantasy creatures. These intricately designed puppets are perfect for puppeteers of all skill levels and provide an engaging and unique form of entertainment.

Moulin Roty Shadow Puppets
Moulin Roty’s shadow puppets are a modern take on traditional storytelling, offering beautifully designed characters and scenes that can be projected onto a wall or screen. These sets encourage creativity and imagination while providing a unique, interactive storytelling experience.

ALEX Toys Floor Standing Puppet Theater
This floor-standing puppet theater from ALEX Toys is perfect for creating an at-home puppet show experience. With its colorful, sturdy design and easy-to-assemble frame, this theater is ideal for encouraging imaginative play and storytelling.

Guidecraft Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater
The Guidecraft Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater is a compact and portable option for puppet shows and storytelling. Its wooden design offers a classic look, complete with a chalkboard marquee for customizing show titles.

Bazoongi Puppet Tree Theater
The Bazoongi Puppet Tree Theater is a vibrant and whimsical puppet theater, featuring a tree design with multiple stages for puppet performances. This free-standing theater encourages imaginative play and creative storytelling.

Manhattan Toy Finger Puppet Theatre Stage
This tabletop finger puppet theater stage by Manhattan Toy offers a compact and portable option for putting on small-scale puppet shows. Its colorful design and easy setup make it perfect for young children to engage in imaginative storytelling.

Pacific Play Tents Show Time Puppet Theater
The Pacific Play Tents Show Time Puppet Theater is a versatile and easy-to-assemble option for creating a dedicated space for puppet shows. The theater features a colorful design with curtains and a tie-back entrance, providing hours of imaginative play for children.

ECR4Kids Puppet Theater
The ECR4Kids Puppet Theater is a sturdy, wooden puppet theater designed for classroom or home use. With a dry-erase marquee for customizing show titles and ample storage space for puppets and props, this theater is perfect for encouraging creativity and social interaction among children.

Roba Wooden Puppet Theater
Roba’s Wooden Puppet Theater offers a classic design with a charming, painted exterior. This free-standing theater includes curtains, a clock, and a chalkboard, providing a delightful space for children to perform their puppet shows.

Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Puppet Theater
The Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Puppet Theater is an innovative and portable option for puppet shows. This theater can be easily attached to a magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator, allowing children to put on impromptu performances in any room of the house.

Schylling Vintage Punch and Judy Puppet Theater
Inspired by the traditional British Punch and Judy shows, this vintage-style puppet theater from Schylling offers a nostalgic and engaging experience. The theater comes with Punch, Judy, and other classic character puppets, perfect for reenacting the classic tale or creating new stories.

PlanToys Wooden Puppet Theater
The PlanToys Wooden Puppet Theater is an eco-friendly option, made from sustainable materials and non-toxic finishes. Its compact design and chalkboard marquee make it perfect for children to put on their puppet shows and engage in imaginative play.

Hape Wooden Puppet Stage Playhouse Set
Hape’s Wooden Puppet Stage Playhouse Set is a versatile and engaging option for puppet shows, offering a two-sided design with a theater stage on one side and a playhouse on the other. This sturdy, wooden playset encourages creativity and imaginative play for children.

Amish-Made Deluxe Wooden Puppet Theater
This Amish-made wooden puppet theater is a high-quality, handcrafted option that offers a charming, classic design. With its sturdy construction, curtains, and chalkboard marquee, this theater is perfect for encouraging imaginative play and storytelling.


Puppets and puppet theaters can provide countless hours of entertainment, education, and imaginative play for children and adults alike. With a wide range of styles, materials, and designs available, there’s a puppet or puppet theater to suit every preference and need. Our comprehensive guide to the top 20 puppets and puppet theaters can help you find the perfect option to inspire creativity and bring joy to your home, classroom, or next puppet show performance.

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